SCAE Diploma

The SCAE Coffee Diploma is an education system aimed to meet the needs of coffee professionals everywhere. It is a controlled and certified system with a curriculum written and updated by the best minds in the coffee industry.

It allows the coffee professional to sit courses and certifications at locations and times of their choosing, amassing credits each time a certification is successfully passed that count towards the full Coffee Diploma.

Certifications are based on both technical knowledge and practical examinations.

How It Works

  • The diploma is split into the following categories, each of which is currently split into two levels
  • The categories are Green Coffee, Roasting, Sensory & Cup Tasting, Grinding & Brewing and Barista Skills
  • These categories are supported by the introductory course that earns 10 points
  • Foundation is worth 5 credits, Intermediate is worth 10 credits and Professional is 25
  • The SCAE work with centres of excellence concentrating on areas of expertise
  • The Northern Academy of Coffee area of expertise is Grinding & Brewing and Barista Skills

Further information can be found on the SCAE Website