SCA Grind & Brew Level 1 – Foundation

Course cost: £ Price available on request

This is an amazing opportunity to work along side Gordon in the Attic and develop skills that are fine tuned to deliver that perfect brew every time in a commercial environment.

Training is on a one to one basis and is by appointment only

This one day course is aimed at those people that want to start to get serious about producing professional coffee-based drinks and is open to both home enthusiasts and those working in the coffee industry.

The distinction of having completed Grinding & Brewing foundation confirms that the certified person has a competency in the preparation of coffee with respect to the importance and interaction of grinding and brewing methods. He/she will understand the key determining factors in brewing a quality coffee.

You Will Learn

  • What is grinding?
  • Types of grinding – which is best and why?
  • What can effect grinding consistency from the bean?
  • What are the main grinding methods: Where are they used?
  • Particle Shape: Why does it make a difference?
  • Impact of grinding fresh on brew. Non-soluble volatiles
  • Brew Ratio
  • Grind size vs contact time
  • Temperature impact on brewing
  • Impact of temperature, volume and filtration of water on the brew
  • Brewing methods
  • Filter options

The Grind and Brewing course runs from 0930 to 1630 and will help you understand the principles of brewing and grinding enabling you to consistently make great tasting brewed coffee. A light lunch is provided too.