SCA Barista Training Intermediate

Course cost: £360 (plus optional £145 with accreditation)


The Intermediate Barista course is designed to expand upon your Barista knowledge and develops the skills gained on the Barista Foundation course. It comprises of 2 days training and includes cupping coffee, latte art, types of milk, grinder models and espresso trends.

The distinction of having completed Barista Intermediate confirms that the certified person has a competency in the understanding and the skill of making great espresso.

Barista Training Intermediate: you will learn

  • Cupping a group of coffees understanding species, varieties and processing methods
  • Workspace management
  • Grinder types, how to get the most out of them and prolong their life-span and how grind affects body and flavor
  • Espresso trends, experiment with fine tuning the shot and pulling different styles of espresso
  • Tamping techniques and grind settings, how they can change the taste
  • Extraction and brewing with a basic understanding of how to produce a balanced espresso and how to correct imbalance. Shot length and time
  • Milk steaming techniques, dealing with multiple orders and consistency of milk
  • The difference in steaming soya, full fat, semi and skimmed milk
  • Jugs selection and how to free pour from a variety of jug size
  • Barista menu, Customer service and Health and hygiene development

The Intermediate Barista course is perfect for those who have a foundation understanding and experience with making coffee but are looking to improve their skills. The knowledge you will take away from this course is the perfect start into the speciality coffee industry and the discourse that surrounds how drinks are prepared. A light lunch will be provided.